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I was reading a text on meditation this morning and something stood out to me. Lawrence Freeman, the author was quoting Evagrius, the 4th century ascetic monk who went to live in the Egyptian desert, who said: “The most important task we have is to ‘watch our thoughts’ and become aware of the connections and associations between them” He was “concerned about the deep thoughts that are the expressions of our unmet needs, coming from our deeper spiritual nature. We need to pay these significant thoughts and their associations the attention they deserve. They are the only indicators we have of what really motivates us for good or for ill.” The words “expressions of our unmet needs” jolted me! I was surprised by such “modern” words of wisdom coming to us from so long ago!

The expression of unmet needs; As a mediator I am very familiar…

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Building Bridges

Building Bridges


Antonia Jenkins is interviewed by Dr Noha Nasser, founder of MELA Social Enterprise,  for her book Connections: 12 approaches to relationship-based peacemaking

What is important to you to be part of your community?

I came to this community (Archway) six years ago, I was coming from West London and I didn’t know anyone aside from my daughter who lives nearby. I am originally from France and after many years of travelling and working abroad, I didn’t have any social network in London aside from my children. For the first four years in my present neighbourhood, I didn’t even know my downstairs neighbours. It was a bit lonely so I started looking for social activities. At first I went to “Meetups” and I had to go all the way to the South Bank and other places where there were activities going on that interested me. Then, in Autumn, two years ago…

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One of the greatest needs when someone is in conflict, or hurting, is to feel heard, to feel that their feelings and views on the situation are validated.

Attentive, patient and active listening, is in my view, one of the most important skills that either a mediator or coach can bring to the table. It comes more naturally to some than to others, but it is a skill that can be acquired, through practise.

Having been a coach and worked with people in hardship situations, I adapted to conflict coaching quite smoothly.

Jane, my first conflict coaching client many years ago, was such a classic, that I often use her as an example. This initial experience showed me the power not only of listening but of conflict coaching.

Jane was a widow of seven years, now in her 70’s, and beginning to struggle with her health and strength. She had…

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La dictadura del género y el baile de los vampiros

La dictadura del género y el baile de los vampiros

Benegas & Blanco

En un mundo imaginario, una epidemia que convierte a los seres humanos en bestias ha destruido la civilización tal y como la conocemos. Sólo queda un ser humano sin infectar: Robert Neville, que refugiado en la fortaleza en que ha convertido su casa, aprovecha la luz del día para ir en busca de provisiones (el sol resulta letal para los mutantes), mientras que por las noches permanece oculto.

Este es el argumento de la novela Soy leyenda (I Am Legend), de Richard Matheson (Nueva Jersey, 1926 – California, 2013), publicada por primera vez en 1954. Y que es en realidad una puesta al día del mito vampírico añadiendo una simbología: la desesperada lucha del individuo contra la masa.

Matheson enfrenta la racionalidad, encarnada en el personaje del solitario Neville, al gregarismo de la masa. Y plantea una cuestión inquietante: ¿qué es lo “normal” y qué lo “anormal” en una sociedad que se…

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AMC Reunião de 7/03/2017

AMC Associação de Mediadores de Conflitos


Próxima reunião dia 21 na Av. Almirante Reis nº 47 (Santa Casa da Misericórdia) ás 17h00.

Em 7/03/2017 reuniram pelas 17h00 os associados, tendo analisado diversos temas de interesse para a AMC e para os mediadores.

Foi decidido que se enviará um mailing aos associados e todos os que tiverem interesse em tornar-se associados, a fim de os informar que a associação tem diversos projetos e iniciativas para lhes apresentar.

Foi decidido que durante o mês de abril será convocada uma AG para aprovação de contas e eleição dos titulares dos órgãos sociais.

Entre as iniciativas a implementar imediatamente encontram-se as “reuniões técnicas” e de formação contínua em temas ligados à atividade da mediação, nomeadamente redação de acordos promoção da mediação em sessões de pré-mediação, reformulação, questionamento etc.

Vamos perguntar aos mediadores associados (e não só), aquilo que gostariam de relembrar numa perspetiva autoformação e de formação contínua.

O associado Bruno…

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